Addicted to bridal shows?

I admit it – I’m a bridal show addict. I watch them nonstop. I rationalize it to my friends by saying it’s research, but for the most part, it’s just a guilty pleasure. In addition to all the fun they provide, occasionally I get some really great inspiration from the work I see.

Of course, I am often a bit shocked by what I see also. For example, on the most recent episode of “Rich Bride, Poor Bride,” the two planners on there were not very respectful in my opinion. I understand that for most weddings, the bride is the VIP, but that doesn’t mean that the groom should be disrespected. I’ve dealt with some penny-pinching grooms as well, but rolling eyes and mocking tones aren’t the best way to mediate. I understand it was probably over-acted for the camera, but I can’t imagine talking to a client in that manner, and being filmed while doing it no less! Surprising…

I also love to see the different features incorporated into all of these weddings. For example, in this vineyard-themed wedding, they did a “cake” assembled out of wheels of cheese. Fantastic idea. But of course I don’t see anyone mention the logistical details behind this (but I can’t help thinking about the ten steps behind any design choice). For example, #1) when was the cheese served? Was it served during the cocktail hour, when most North Americans (they had to be Canadians, based on accent) are used to eating cheese? And if so, was it a complete waste of money, because the display would have been torn down so early? Or was it served in its traditional course, after dinner? At which point, did most of it go to waste, given that traditionally we prefer sweet things at the end of the night? #2) Who was responsible for slicing it up? How was it served? #3) What happened to all that leftover cheese? Because I can’t imagine that much cheese was consumed by their guests – that’s an incredible amount of cheese. These are the details that I find myself inadvertently thinking about when driving down the street or waiting in line. I want to know.

So how about you? Did you see the episode? What did you think? Canadian or American? Planners – rude or just catering to the bride? Cheese wheel – worth the investment, or could there have been a more cost-effective but equally cool (and perhaps more logistically-friendly) presentation? I look forward to your thoughts!

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