Kelsey & John Bort April 2013

Kelsey and John first contacted us in 2012 for DJ and Day-Of Coordination services. I still remember our first meeting. We sat in Biggby, hardly touching our coffee because we were all talking so excitedly. When Kelsey and John learned that we offered decor services as well, the conversation really started to fly. Before the end of the meeting, Kelsey and John had decided to book us for all three services, and we were all excited to begin working together on a truly amazing wedding.

Kelsey is easily one of most detail-oriented brides I have ever met. I knew that she would take in every detail and pay close attention to every thing. Which was great, because her attention to detail mirrored my own. We would have planning meetings and finish each other’s sentences. We were very in tune.

She was also one of the sweetest brides I have ever known. Not only did she bring treats to my crew during setup (what bride does that?), she also honored me with a beautiful thank you note and a very, very generous gift afterwards. Kelsey was a bride who deserved a beautiful wedding, because she herself is a beautiful person.

The wedding consisted of so many elements. W.E.D helped the couple find a baker, coordinate all of the details, put together a solid timeline, confirm with the vendors, and orchestrate the details at the ceremony. The music was carefully planned and the groom arranged for a special musical surprise for his bride.

And the decor. Oh, the decor.

The decor was absolutely essential to Kelsey, as she explained in our first meeting. She had originally planned to DIY most of it, but when she learned of our price and the fact that we had so much in our stock and compared it to the cost and stress of doing it all herself, she quickly realized what an asset we could be.

Every “station” in the room was labeled with signage crafted out of vintage-patterned papers, ribbon, lace and pearls. The stations included “SIP” over the bar, “SNACK” on the appetizer table, “SNAPSHOTS” on the custom-crafted memory wall (complete with vintage pictures from their respective families), “STUFF” on the gift table, “SWEETS” over the elaborate desserts tables, and “SHINDIG” over a dance floor that was festooned with hanging fabric walls and multiple crystal chandeliers.

W.E.D brought in our own special selection of actual vintage wooden chairs that have lace patterned cushions, helping to emphasize the vintage effect even more.

W.E.D also handled all of the flowers. We designed simple and elegant bouquets for the women. The milk glass centerpieces sat on vintage books and sweetly patterned cotton squares and were draped with pearls. Candles in random bunches lit the tables.

The sweets table was overflowing with amazing yumminess from Confectionately Yours. The ombre cutting cake sat on our milk glass cake stand, atop an oversized vintage dictionary and lace. Risers of rustic wooden boxes with chalkboard ends (that had a tree-carving inspired “K + J” written in chalk) held babies breath and treats. Apothecary jars of monotone candies rose to greet the eye. Numerous cupcakes with a variety of flavors and stylings (dusted pearls, mini roses, etc.) spilled around the architecture on the table and tantalized the guests. This whole assemblage sat on W.E.D’s tables, that were smaller in size and allowed us to “crowd” the treats together, giving it an even more impressive look. We topped the tables with a soft gray linen and vintage lace draping.

Every element received special attention. From the uplighting behind the “escort doors” (where we wrote out the table assignments for the guests), to the mirror with the saying especially chosen by Kelsey, to the carefully laid out plan for the chandeliers on the dance floor (which cast some fun shadows with the way they were hung), to the vintage suitcase cardbox, no detail was too small, no idea overlooked.

It was an amazing day, and one W.E.D will always treasure. We are so honored to have been able to help Kelsey and John’s day to be everything it was.

Of course, an amazing event requires the help of multiple vendors, and we would like to give special thanks to the following:

Hawk Hollow Chapel – The staff here are always so helpful and amazing to work with!
Eagle Eye – The reception venue here is just lovely. Its neutral background allows for so many different styles to fit a bride’s needs. We love Eagle Eye!
Confectionately Yours – Heather is great to work with, and her cakes are moist and yummy.
Fantasy Strings – Their music is just beautiful. Make-your-mom-grab-her-hankie beautiful.


Amy Schrodt with Pure Amour Photography for most of these amazing photos!

And thanks to Moxie Imagery for those photos credited directly to you, and for coming in and capturing these special decor-only images for us!

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