Bannie (Ben + Annie) Forever

Photo Courtesy of K. Holly Photography

Photo Courtesy of K. Holly Photography

We are skipping ahead a few months this week, to share an absolutely gorgeous farm wedding with you. We have a few pictures taken with our camera phone, but the photographer’s pictures are vastly superior.

Fortunately, we just saw today that the prestigious Style Me Pretty blog did a write up of this beautiful day, and you can see the photos here:

Ben and Annie (a.k.a. “Bannie”) were such a fantastic couple, and W.E.D was so honored to have been able to assist them with their plans for their Big Day. Discussion of the details ran the gamut from the mundane (the structural integrity of the barn, relief stations, etc.) to the gorgeous (centerpieces, music, etc.). With the couple living so far away, Annie and Ben truly needed the extra help and guidance W.E.D was able to provide.

The bride took time to write a review of our services, which read: “My wedding would not have been possible without Lynn.  I mean that very sincerely. Not only did I work full time at a demanding job, my wedding venue was located three hours away from the closest family member on our centennial family farm, I was a five hour flight away, there was a three hour time difference between us, everything needed to be brought to the venue (excluding the barn and dinner bell) and the nearest vendor we could find was an hour away.  Talk about a tall order!  Lynn was incredibly helpful and didn’t blink an eye.  We scheduled several hour long phone meetings and just as I thought I had thought of everything, she’d come up with twenty things I hadn’t even thought about.  E-mail and text responses were always timely and she was always friendly and professional.  She came to our rehearsal dinner, had an agenda for each bridal party member and I could sit back and take it all in.  The day of also went incredibly smoothly.  We were so on schedule I even snuck in a 20 min nap!  Unreal!  Lynn greeted every vendor, updated them on any changes, she had copies of all my contracts and knew what was expected of each of them, and she warned me about a potential additional photographer charge if we went beyond our scheduled time, which I had completely forgotten about.  At the end of the night I had at least twenty people tell me that was the best wedding they had ever been to.  I owe it to Lynn.  She’s far underpaid for what she delivers.  You won’t be disappointed!! Thank you again Lynn!”

That pretty much says it all. And thank you, Annie and Ben, for being so great to work with! Many blessings to you both!