Night at the Museum – Belt/Vining Wedding January 10, 2015

When the bride and MOB initially contacted us, they were a bit stressed. The wedding was set to take place at the Grand Rapids Public Museum, and they were looking for something special. It was an exciting challenge, because we knew it was more than just throwing some linens and chairs in a room. They needed something really creative – an area where W.E.D excels. We needed to take the bride’s color palette of blush/black/white and make it something special and unique in an already very unique setting. Through multiple consultations and a design board, we conceived of taking the color palette and skewing it towards a vintage Coco Chanel style that would fit in a room already filled with history. Another key point was that the space consisted of multiple colors and objects – including a giant whale skeleton overhead. So we really wanted to have the wedding decor stand out, not blend, with the surroundings. We accomplished this by focusing on the high contrast palette of black and white with blush accents which worked to set Erin and Robert’s special touches apart from the other displays in the room.

Electricity Horse Cart Room Overview

We really wanted to have Erin and Robert’s wedding feel like it’s own special “display” at the museum, so we created huge backdrops for the head table and sweets table areas. Playing on the museum concept, we pitched the idea of switching around where the bride and groom sit at the head table, and then writing out details from Robert’s past before meeting Erin (History) on the chalkboard, and then details from Erin’s past before Robert (Herstory) on her side of the chalkboard. The chalkboard was 24 feet x 8 feet. On the smaller (8 feet x 8 feet) chalkboard behind the cupcake/popcorn table, we drew out a similar banner with the title “Sweet Story” and then listed out special dates from Erin and Robert’s courtship, ending with “JANUARY 10, 2015 – MARRIED.” These chalkboards served as wonderful talking points, and added to the energy of the event. (Plus, LOVE the shadow of the whale skeleton on the floor!)

HistoryHerstoryBackdrop with uplightsHead Table with Whale Skeleton Shadow

Talking Point

Another truly beautiful custom feature was the cupcake stand. Our cupcake stand is over 4′ tall, and has chalkboard edging on each layer that allows us to write the cupcake flavors on the tiers. The tower is lit from underneath each layer with LED lighting. The wording on the chalkboard behind it was carefully laid out so that it ran around the shadow of the cupcake tower, and not behind where the guests wouldn’t be able to read all the fun details. The popcorn jars were dressed in lovely little black satin ribbon bow ties and custom die-cut labels that we created. The clients rented in special black and white striped linens to add a fun accent.

Sweet Storypopcorn jar

The bridal party entered the reception down the grand stairwell, which had beautiful swagging accented with custom black ribbon flowers with pearl centers. At the base of the steps were two columns with branches and long-stemmed blush roses.

swaggingblack flowers

We also needed a very special way of communicating to the guests where to sit. Clearly, another oversized chalkboard was necessary, so this beauty served our needs very well.

Seating Chalkboard

The ceremony was absolutely stunning. Our beautiful black and white backdrop with electric crystal chandeliers was centered on the stage in the auditorium, while overhead our gorgeous Paris candle chandeliers hung at different levels, contrasting beautifully with the black velvet curtain on the stage. The chandeliers were hung with clear monofilament so they appeared to be floating in midair. After the ceremony, the bride said that she loved it and “it took [her] breath away.”

Erin and RobertCeremony 1

It was such a joy working with this mother/daughter team, and collaborating with them closely on every detail, including the beautiful bouquets (large white roses, feathery white mums, soft blush roses, and adorable black and white anemones), and the wonderful centerpiece arrangements of white flowers in square glass vases and small black containers. We even created several custom logos for the wedding, inspired by Coco Chanel. You can see the “ER” logo here, based on the iconic “CC” logo of Chanel. Throughout the wedding we also incorporated the “Est. 2015” phrase – again, playing on the history of the venue and the historic event that was happening right before our eyes.

CP1 CP 2Backdrop with uplights

It was a beautiful day, and we were so honored to get to be a part of it. Matt even got all the guests out on the dance floor (he was the DJ as well) and had them look upwards so the photographer could get a fun shot from the balcony.

We received a text from the bride today. “Hi Lynn! Just wanted to say thanks again for everything! I can’t even express how perfect it was way more than I could have imagined! Robert keeps talking about the chalkboards and how awesome it all was!”

We adored working with this fantastic couple, and being able to play on the whole theme of history.

It was truly legen…(wait for it)…dary!

(Please forgive the quality of the photos – taken with camera phone. Will share professional photos when available, including more pictures of the bouquets and flowers.)

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