Pretty, Pretty Princess and R2D2

Professional photographs by Laura Munro of @Munro Photography,

Wendy and Jim are great people. I mean, seriously terrific, funny, kind people. We had the pleasure of working with Wendy for over a year on all of the details for the Big Day, including full event planning, design, decor, and DJ services.

According to Wendy, she isn’t much of a “girlie girl” but the process of wedding planning brought out the “pretty, pretty princess in her” – much to her surprise. But we also needed to make sure to incorporate the couple’s whimsical side, through the use of some beautiful vintage pieces, and touches of Star Wars (LOVE IT)!!!

(Here’s a fun little pic I snapped on my cell phone, that perfectly shows the bride’s awesome personality.)

The venue was a beautiful historic barn where Wendy’s father serves as a volunteer. The property was stunning – with a gorgeous wooden barn, green lawns, historic chapel and charming vintage-styled storefronts styled to look like an old-time boardwalk. There’s even a vintage soda fountain on the property!

©Munro Photography

When planning for Wendy and Jim’s ceremony, we knew we wanted to keep the ceremony simple, because the charming chapel was so beautiful on its own (and we didn’t want to overwhelm a small space). So we added just a few simple lanterns on the pews, and put a fun little vintage chalkboard outside encouraging guests to sit where they would like. One of my favorite ceremony musicians played guitar, and even did a special arrangement of “The Imperial March” for the bride’s entrance (which was a complete surprise for the groom). The vows were so beautiful, and so funny, that I seriously started crying while I waited at the back of the church, poised to ring the chapel bell the moment the couple kissed.

©Munro Photography

Both the bride and the groom have a proud military history. So when we designed the programs for the wedding, we created a “Wedding Survival Guide” with a military style font and humorous text (written by the bride and groom). Right before it went to print, Matt (co-owner/operator of W.E.D) had the idea of blacking out some of the text in certain key (potentially suggestive) places to make it look “redacted” – reinforcing the feel of a military document, and allowing the guests to use their imagination to fill in the blanks. The couple loved the idea. One of our favorite programs of all time!!

©Munro Photography ©Munro Photography

The cocktail hour was something else. Seriously, really special. We used three of the property’s picnic tables and added linens and runners topped with wooden boxes filled with fabric markers and quilt squares for the guests to write wishes for the couple. Around the huge gorgeous old oak tree, we scattered vintage quilts. At each quilt, we placed a crate topped with lace and flowers to create a little table for guests to rest their drinks on. At several of these, we added a shepherds crook with a hanging crystal chandelier decorated with flowers to create individual vignettes. We added in some antique furniture at various places, including our adorable chalkboard bride and groom chairs. From the oak tree, we hung more beautiful crystal chandeliers with candles and flowers. It was truly something special. Matt made sure to dress in his Victorian-era costume, and provided music for the cocktail hour through the use of a very modern bluetooth speaker, cleverly hidden in the shell of an antique wooden speaker.

©Munro Photography ©Munro Photography ©Munro Photography ©Munro Photography ©Munro Photography

We weren’t really sure how the barn was going to be laid out until literally the week or so before, because the construction that was being done on property lasted that long. When the redo was done, we had practically a whole other half of the barn to plan around, so adjusted our plans very quickly to do something really special. We added a beautiful fabric wall accented in the bride’s vintage colors, hung market lights, and added pennant banners to make the dance area feel like an old-fashioned circus tent on one side (while keeping it wedding-elegant). We styled the DJ table to feel like a vintage circus booth, with a chalkboard header that read “Dance You Must” (evoking the wisdom of Yoda).

©Munro Photography

Around the room, little robotic wedding crashers surprised the guests.

An oriental rug surrounded by velvet chairs and a chaise lounge anchored one end of the dance floor. Wendy had a relative paint an adorable carnival cutout for photos. The sweets were set up on our ladders/shutters display complete with another chandelier, and a custom banner that read “Chewies Cookies” (referencing Chewbacca of course).

(Picture of chaise lounge taken on our camera phone.)

Furniture Vignette

The guest tables were styled out in a beautiful blush lamour with our vintage china chargers, lace, books, milkglass, and sweet and simple floral arrangements. Peeking out in various spots were more of the little Star Wars figurines. We hung more chandeliers overhead, and added uplighting around the sides of the room. (These two images taken on our cell phone.)

chandelier centerpiece

Our vintage “seating doors” were the perfect way to direct guests to their tables. The tables were all named after different worlds in the Star Wars Universe. As a fun little surprise for the couple, and because I had room, I added one table to the display, titled it “Alderaan” and drew graphics around it to make it look like it was blowing up. They loved it!

(Image taken on our phone)


We couldn’t overlook the gift table – not with this much detail going on! So we added a vintage trunk on its side, pennant banners, antiques, lace, and another chandelier hung from a crook attached to the table.

(Image taken on our phone)

Gift Table Image Taken by WED

The caterer served a yummy buffet, complete with a late night nacho bar (at the request of the groom).

The guests were SO MUCH FUN on the dance floor, and had such a great time that we were quite seriously a little worried about the strength of the floorboards! Talk about a great time!

I will never forget the evening before either. We brought in an amazing food truck for a truly memorable rehearsal dinner to the same property. At one point, Wendy and Jim made a point to walk us to their car, where they gave Matt a special edition of a Star Wars comic book with a wedding theme. Wendy then handed me a Wonder Woman pin, explaining that I was her “real life Wonder Woman.” *sniff, sniff*

(Picture taken with camera phone)


I will never forget Wendy and Jim’s wedding, and could never forget Wendy and Jim. They are an amazing couple who are truly meant for each other, and we are so thankful that we had the opportunity to be part of such a truly special day. Thanks guys – you rock!!!

(Special thanks to their wonderful photographer, Laura Munro, for all of the professional images.)

Photographs by Laura Munro of @Munro Photography,

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